orderLamictal is also called an anticonvulsant and it is used for epileptic remedy. The drug can be used alone or in conjunction with other drugs to deal with seizures in adults in addition to children older than a minimum of two years. Lamictal (Lamotrigine) can also be used for remedy of bipolar condition in adults which delays the feeling episodes. Lamictal xr has far better mood stabilizing effects and may be better anti-depressant pill prescribed for bipolar or even manic depressive sufferers.

Important Information

Lamictal xr may cause severe existence threatening rash particularly in children. Additionally, it may cause these pores and skin rashes in individuals having allergies in order to seizure medications. Mixture of Valproic acid (Depakene) or even Divalproex (Depakote) could also cause serious pores and skin rash. Most common symptoms of those rashes are inflammation or blistering associated with skin, swollen glands, aching throat, high a fever and headache. Researchers found that long-term use of the actual drug reduces this side-effect as the entire body gets acclimatized. Therefore, doctor’s usually recommend lower doses initially after whiclamictalh progressively increase the dosage for an effective level. Aside from these rashes, you will find not many known unwanted effects of the medication. Some patients possess complained to ankle joint swelling but there’s definitely no pounds gain.

In case for those who have any history of diseases associated with kidney, heart or liver you need to let your physician learn about this same. Furthermore, if you possess allergy to lamotrigine then you definitely should avoid getting Lamictal 25 mg. During the span of the drug, you may really feel mood swings or perhaps a tendency to dedicate suicide. In such cases your loved ones or care giver ought to know about these symptoms and also the patient should continually be in regular touch using the doctor. Lamictal 25 mg falls within FDA pregnancy category C meaning it may end up being harmful for the developing fetus. Taking this medication during pregnancy boosts the probably of the infant being born along with cleft lip.

Birth control pills may make Lamictal 50 mg less effective and there might be increase in the actual seizures. When you start contraception pills, it is recommended to consult your physician as your dose should be revised. You should take regular medicine of Lamictal 50 mg to find the most benefit.

So how exactly does Lamictal Work?

Lamictal is really a broad spectrum anti-epileptic drug that provides an effective remedy for both incomplete onset and generalized beginning epilepsy. It prevents sodium channels as well as reduces release associated with glutamate. It will come in tablets of various sizes and doses as well as as tiny tablets for children.

Take the suggested doses only as your physician may change your own dose over many weeks or months to ensure you get the very best results from the actual medication. You should not really change you medication by yourself especially if you’re taking any additional anticonvulsant already. Switching from an additional drug to Lamictal 100 mg ought to be done under the directions from the physician. If a person misses a dosage, it is recommended to skip the dose and obtain on with your own regular schedule in the next dose. In the event of overdose, consult your personal doctor.

Lamictal unwanted effects

Get emergency medical help for those who have any of these signs of the allergic reaction in order to Lamictal 100 mg: hives; a fever; swollen glands; unpleasant sores in or even around your eye or mouth; trouble breathing; swelling of the face, lips, language, or throat.

Report any brand new or worsening symptoms for your doctor, such because: mood or conduct changes, depression, anxiousness, or if you are feeling agitated, hostile, stressed, hyperactive (psychologically or physically), or even have thoughts regarding suicide or harming yourself.

Lamictal could cause severe or life-threatening pores and skin rash, especially in kids and in individuals who take too a lot of a dose in the beginning of treatment along with Lamictal. Serious skin rash can also be more likely to occur if you’re taking Lamictal as well as valproic acid (Depakene) or even divalproex (Depakote). Seek emergency medical attention for those who have a fever, aching throat, swelling inside your face or language, burning in your own eyes, skin discomfort, followed by the red or crimson skin rash which spreads (especially within the face or torso) and leads to blistering and peeling.

If you need to stop taking Lamictal due to a serious skin allergy, you may not have the ability to take it again later on.