I not have not got a lot of difficulties with Lamictal XR. Just sleep issues for approximately 2 or 3 days and nights and I changed.


After utilizing LAMICTAL constipation furthermore affected me. I had a breakthrough incomplete seizure and also doctor transformed from 100mg to 150mg.


Using LAMICTAL I am not having lots of issues. My sleep is actually great, but in fact poor dreams with no anxiety attacks getting me up during sleep. Would like he can set me with 125mg.


I Should seek advice from my medical professional to see if LAMICTAL could keep seizures undr handle. I have already been a week and one half with no seizure.


I love this kind of medication. Caused it to be that I did not need to get my authentic Lamictal 150mg morning hours and night time, currently I just get the XR 300mg every single day at lunch time.


The side effects of the medication were so fewer I did come back again for its supposed advantages, i. e. seizure avoidance.


I have used lamictal 50 mg regarding no less than 2 years now and it’s also the only real medicine that helps prevent absences as well as myocloptic seizures.


Lamictal 50 mg could be the only medication that will remove a seizure and also cluster regarding seizures within Quarter-hour. I have experimented with a variety-a significant number of different medicines but sadly none of them had worked well.


It can help command break through seizures and also the anxiousness I get together with my own. Nevertheless; it enables you to feel experience very dopey as well as tired.


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